A Guide to Selling Mandela Coins in South Africa

A Guide to Selling Mandela Coins in South Africa

Mandela coins, treasured for their historical significance and collectible value, have become a sought-after commodity in South Africa. If you’re considering selling your Mandela coins in South Africa, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process and provide you with valuable insights. We’ll explore the best places to sell your coins, including online platforms, and discuss how to get in touch with potential buyers.

Where to Sell Mandela Coins

  • Online Marketplaces:
    • BidorBuy.co.za: South Africa’s largest online marketplace, with a dedicated section for coins, enabling you to list your Mandela coins for sale, whether through auctions or fixed-price listings.
    • Gumtree.co.za: A popular classifieds platform where you can connect with local buyers and negotiate prices directly.
    • OLX.co.za: Another widely used online classifieds platform in South Africa that provides a versatile space to list your Mandela coins for sale.
  • Coin Dealers:
    • SouthCapeCoins.co.za: A reputable coin dealer specializing in buying and selling rare coins, including Mandela coins. Contact them for a quote through their website.
    • TheCoinCompany.co.za: An established coin dealer with a strong online presence, offering a free evaluation service to assess your Mandela coins’ value.
  • Specialized Numismatic Websites:
    • Cointrader.co.za: An online marketplace dedicated to coins and banknotes, providing an excellent platform to connect with coin enthusiasts.
  • Dedicated Mandela Coin Websites:
    • MandelaCoins.co.za: A website dedicated to buying and selling Mandela coins, offering a wealth of information and a marketplace for your collection.
  • Global Marketplace:
    • eBay.co.za: The South African version of eBay allows you to reach an international audience of collectors.

Price List for Mandela Coins

The value of Mandela coins can vary widely based on factors like rarity, condition, and collector demand. It’s crucial to research each coin’s specific value or consult numismatic experts for accurate pricing.

Getting in Touch with Buyers

To contact potential buyers, you can typically find their details on the respective websites of coin dealers. For example, South Cape Coins can be reached at +27 44 382 6809, and The Coin Company can be contacted at +27 11 867 5407.

Selling R5 Coins for Cash

You can easily convert your R5 Mandela coins into cash through reputable dealers and online marketplaces, ensuring a hassle-free transaction process.


Selling your Mandela coins in South Africa has never been easier, with various options available to connect with potential buyers. Whether you prefer online marketplaces, coin dealers, or specialized websites, you can find a suitable platform to ensure a successful sale. Remember to research each platform, consult experts for accurate valuations, and exercise due diligence when conducting transactions. Your treasured Mandela coins deserve the attention and expertise needed to secure the best possible value.


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