Daily Lotto Results for Monday 11 March 2024

Daily Lotto Results for Monday 11 March 2024

Daily Lotto: Here are Monday 11 March 2024’s results and numbers are

Stay Updated with South Africa Daily Lotto Results!

South Africa Daily Lotto is a popular lottery game offering daily opportunities for you to win big. If you’re looking for the latest results, look no further! We provide you with up-to-the-minute Daily Lotto results for today. The results are posted every day at 21:00, right after the draws occur.

Jackpot for Daily Lotto: Monday 11 March 2024


Our goal is to keep you informed about the most recent winning numbers, the number of lucky players who struck it big, and the total prize money awarded for the day. If you’re interested in checking out results from previous draws, simply select ‘View previous Daily Lotto results.’

So, whether you’re a devoted Daily Lotto player or just feeling lucky today, our website ensures you’re always in the know about the latest outcomes. Who knows, you might be the next jackpot winner! Check back daily to discover if fortune has smiled upon you.

If you are buying your Wednesday Daily Lotto tickets from an existing Lottery outlet, they close at 20:30 on the day of a draw. The terms and conditions for other lotto services vary so please read them when you sign up for these services.

Daily Lotto Ticket Cost

  • A single DAILY LOTTO game will cost you R3.00 VAT incl.
  • But be aware: If you use any of the online services, there might be an additional charge. Always check the terms and conditions.


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