Eurojackpot Results for Friday 27th October 2023

Eurojackpot Results for Friday 27th October 2023

Eurojackpot Results for Friday 27th October 2023 with €28,482,618 Jackpot

  • Eurojackpot Draw Number: 86
  • Winning Numbers 6 13 15 20 40 8
  • Euro Numbers 2. 8
Next Draw date:  is Tuesday, 31 October 2023 Draw 87 with €34,000,000. Winning Jackpot

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The EuroJackpot draw is a phenomenon that has swept across Europe, leaving a trail of dreams, excitement, and occasional life-changing fortunes in its wake. It’s a pan-European lottery that has become an integral part of many people’s lives, igniting hope every Friday evening. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of EuroJackpot, exploring its history, how it works, and essential terms and keywords that every aspiring EuroJackpot player should know.

Eurojackpot Prize Breakdown for Friday 27th October 2023

Winning Class Number Correct Winner Prizes
Match 5 + 2 Euro numbers
0 × not hit
Match 5 + 1 Euro number
2 × €868,212.00
Match 5 + 0 Euro numbers
3 × €326,420.80
Match 4 + 2 Euro numbers
26 × €6,212.60
Match 4 + 1 Euro number
565 × €357.30
Match 3 + 2 Euro numbers
1,743 × €127.40
Match 4 + 0 Euro numbers
1,274 × €126.70
Match 2 + 2 Euro numbers
25,833 × €20.00
Match 3 + 1 Euro number
28,546 × €20.00
Match 3 + 0 Euro numbers
59,637 × €18.20
Match 1 + 2 Euro numbers
140,570 × €9.60
Match 2 + 1 Euro number
424,835 × €9.60

History of EuroJackpot

The EuroJackpot story began in March 2012 when a group of European countries launched this thrilling lottery. It was designed to provide an alternative to the immensely popular EuroMillions, allowing players to vie for substantial jackpots without contending with the vast number of participants in EuroMillions. This diversity in lottery offerings provided European players with more options and enhanced their chances of hitting the jackpot.

How EuropJackpot Works

  1. Ticket Purchase: To join the ranks of EuroJackpot hopefuls, players need to buy a ticket. These tickets typically cost a few euros and can be purchased from authorized retailers or online.
  2. Choosing Numbers: Each EuroJackpot ticket requires players to select five main numbers from a pool of 1 to 50. Additionally, they must pick two Euro Numbers from a pool of 1 to 10.
  3. The Draw: The moment of truth arrives every Friday evening in Helsinki, Finland, where the EuroJackpot draw is held. During this exhilarating event, five main numbers and two Euro Numbers are randomly drawn.
  4. Jackpot and Prizes: To seize the coveted jackpot, a player must match all five main numbers and both Euro Numbers. If there’s no jackpot winner, the prize can roll over to the following week, accumulating into a jaw-dropping sum. Notably, EuroJackpot features multiple secondary prize tiers, providing opportunities for players who match fewer numbers to claim substantial prizes.

As you dive deeper into the world of EuroJackpot, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with some key terms and phrases. Here are a few that every EuroJackpot enthusiast should know:

  1. Jackpot Cap: The jackpot cap in EuroJackpot is set at €90 million. Once the jackpot reaches this threshold and remains unclaimed, any additional funds are distributed to lower prize tiers. This unique feature ensures that players have increased opportunities to win, even when the jackpot isn’t won.
  2. Record Jackpot: The largest EuroJackpot prize ever won was €90 million, and this remarkable sum has been claimed multiple times. However, with the jackpot cap in place, there is always the potential for even larger prizes in the future, setting the stage for record-breaking wins.
  3. Participating Countries: EuroJackpot is a collaborative lottery played across 18 European countries. Some of these countries include Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and more. The wide participation base makes EuroJackpot one of the most widely recognized and played lotteries in Europe, fostering a sense of unity and shared excitement.
  4. Roll Over: This term refers to the process by which the jackpot prize, when not won, is carried over to the next draw. This results in the accumulation of funds and an even larger potential jackpot for the next round. Roll overs are an integral part of what makes EuroJackpot so captivating.
  5. Secondary Prize Tiers: In EuroJackpot, it’s not just about the jackpot. This lottery offers multiple secondary prize tiers for players who don’t match all the numbers required for the top prize. These additional prizes can still be life-changing and provide an extra layer of excitement for participants.

EuroJackpot’s Impact on Europe

The EuroJackpot draw is more than a game of chance; it’s an event that resonates with people across Europe. The excitement and anticipation surrounding this lottery are as essential as the jackpots themselves. EuroJackpot has become an undeniable force, shaping the hopes and aspirations of millions. The allure of striking it rich in a single moment has united people from diverse backgrounds and countries, all sharing the dream of hitting those magic numbers.

As a result of this shared enthusiasm, the EuroJackpot draw has had a profound impact on European culture and society. It has created a sense of unity among the participating countries, transcending borders and forging a connection based on common hopes and dreams. It’s not just about the money; it’s about the shared experience of playing and the potential to win big.

Playing Responsibly:

The EuroJackpot draw is a thrilling endeavor, but it’s essential to remember that, like all forms of gambling, it should be approached with responsibility. While the dreams of winning big are enticing, it’s crucial to set limits, stick to a budget, and play for the fun and excitement rather than relying on it as a source of income.


The EuroJackpot draw is a captivating journey of hope, numbers, and chance that has captured the hearts of millions of people throughout Europe. With its impressive jackpot prizes, secondary rewards, and the potential for record-breaking wins, EuroJackpot has the power to change lives. So, if you ever find yourself in one of the participating countries, why not take a chance on the EuroJackpot? You might just become the next big winner and have a story to tell for a lifetime. Remember, play responsibly, and enjoy the excitement and anticipation that comes with each draw, because the EuroJackpot is about more than just the destination; it’s about the journey itself.


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