Global Mobile Payments Using Zapper

Global Mobile Payments Using Zapper

Zapper is a global mobile payment and loyalty rewards application that allows users to make fast, easy and secure payments in a matter of seconds with their smartphone.Zapper allows your customers to pay using their smartphone without having to call the waiter back to the table.  Customers scan the QR Code and you’re paid in seconds. Payments are quick, secure and effortless and you spend less time and money taking payments and chasing up invoices.Through the power of QR code technology Zapper provides seamless all-in-one mobile payments, vouchering and loyalty services to a variety of businesses and brands from across the retail, hospitality, retail, bills, fuel and convenience and ecommerce sectors.


Zapper for Restaurants
Zapper for Retail
Zapper for ECommerce 
Zapper for Donations
Zapper for Fuel and Convenience
Zapper for Publishing
Zapper for Events
Quick Capital by Zapper

How Zapper Works

Download the Zapper app on your smartphone, complete your profile, load your credit, debit or cheque cards and begin scanning.

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