Godongwana Refutes Claims of Government Depletion of Funds

Godongwana Refutes Claims of Government Depletion of Funds

According to Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana, the government has not depleted its funds and maintains its dedication to responsible fiscal management. According to Godogwana,

The government is working to manage public finances in a prudent and sustainable manner. This includes appropriately responding to the materialisation of risks including unforeseen economic and financial conditions

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has responded to questions raised by EFF MP Mzwanele Manyi regarding the state of government finances, asserting that the government has not exhausted its funds and remains committed to prudent fiscal management.

Manyi’s inquiry emerged in the wake of the National Treasury’s release of guidelines for implementing cost-cutting measures in government operations. This initiative followed a letter sent to state institutions on August 31.

The Acting Director-General of the National Treasury, Ismail Momoniat, issued a directive to heads of departments, outlining a series of austerity measures aimed at managing public expenditure. The measures include a freeze on the hiring of new employees, a halt to non-essential travel, and restrictions on advertising new infrastructure procurement. Additionally, the guidelines target curbing spending on catering, conferences, workshops, and other services and goods not already contracted.

The issuance of these guidelines was part of a broader effort to optimize government spending and address financial challenges within the public sector. By implementing these measures, the government aims to ensure fiscal sustainability while simultaneously delivering essential services to the South African population.

While EFF MP Mzwanele Manyi’s question may have sparked concerns about the state of government finances, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana’s statement affirms the government’s commitment to maintaining sound financial management practices.

As South Africa navigates its economic challenges, the government is actively working to strike a balance between responsible financial management and the delivery of vital public services. The implementation of cost-cutting measures is viewed as a crucial step toward achieving this delicate equilibrium.


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