How Nedbank Send-iMali works

How  Nedbank Send-iMali works

The Nedbank Send-iMali  is a feature  which allows you to send money to anyone who has a valid South African cellphone number anytime, anywhere. The recipient can withdraw the full amount at any Nedbank ATM. Access Send-iMali via Internet Banking, *120*001# and via the Nedbank AppSuite.

How Send-iMali works ?

You will need to enable this service by either using your internet banking, cellphone banking or the Nedbank App Suite, and follow the easy steps by clicking on the Money Transfer option. Once you have completed this, you can select the account from which you would like to transfer the funds, the amount and the cellphone number of the recipient. Once you have successfully sent the money, the recipient will receive an SMS with instructions on how to access the money. The recipient enters *120*001# to generate a One Time Pin (OTP), which can be used at any Nedbank ATM to access the money. Simple.

How can Send-iMali benefit your business?

  • Send cash anytime, anywhere.
  • Send money without using bank account details.
  • Pay wages (up to a specified amount).
  • Send money in an emergency.
  • Send money to your cellphone if you have lost or forgotten your card.
  • Send money using the Nedbank digital channels.

What are the features of Send-iMali?

  • The money is available instantly from a Nedbank ATM.
  • The sender is charged a fixed fee of R9.50 (inclusive of VAT) per send.
  • There is no charge to the recipient to withdraw the money.


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