How to close an Edgars Account

How to close an Edgars Account

To close an Edgars Account, you need to get hold of RCS. RCS is is a registered credit provider in South Africa. Customers with value-added services such as Edgars  and Jet clubs, insurance products, airtime subscriptions are advised to cancel these separately as RCS does not control these services. They are completely separate, but these value-added services are reflected in the overall billing of your account.

Edgars Closure Procedure

  1. Telephone call centre on 0860 111 826 and use the self-service function
  2. You can only close your account when the balance is zero.
  3. If you have a balance on your account, request a proper settlement quote by phoning the call centre on 0860 111 826 and use the self-service function. You can also do this in store at customer services.
  4. Pay the outstanding amount on the settlement quote via EFT or in store within five days of receiving the quote.
  5. Send your closure request to or visit customer services at any Edgars store that can assist you with the closure process.

Edgars account settlement contact number

0860 111 826

Edgars head office contact number

For any Edgars related queries contact 031 010 0005



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