How to Join Elemant South Africa

How to Join Elemant South Africa

Is a worldwide membership BENEFITS CLUB & Consumer insights Company

What does Elamant do?

Elamant collects shopping and retail data from its members/shoppers and generates target advertising to merchants & marketing partners from around the world.

How does it work?

Elamant has something called DATA REWARDS PROGRAM where members shop at their usual stores with no change to their current buying habits. Members digitize their receipts and receive up to 20% cash back on each receipt redemption. Earning up to R3000 ($200) per month.

Elamant allows you to sign up as a team with another member.

Do you want to earn more?

By introducing additional members you can increase your level in rankings. Higher rankings can start earning you hourly,weekly or monthly rates for educating,supporting and training your members.

Team Start-A-Business works together with all our members assisting those who find it hard to recruit members under their down-lines by using stronger people to assist others. We know some people are good with certain stuff and not so good with others so positioning referred members under the correct down-lines.That increases chances so that we all make a success of the business not just a few that earn and others don’t.

How much can I earn in higher rankings?

Earn from R1500 ($100) – R 570 000 ($38 000) per week by helping Elamant train and retain its members,get paid hourly and build your skills as a professional.


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