How to update or add Banking Details on CSD

How to update or add Banking Details on CSD

The Central Supplier Database. (CSD) in South Africa is a single database that serves as the source of all supplier information for all spheres of the South African government.  It is important to update bank details on the CSD if they change, since BAS will go to the CSD to check before payment is processed. When a new bank account is added  a One Time PIN is sent to the Supplier. A Notification email will also be sent to the supplier, to notify about the changes. A supplier can have multiple bank accounts, of which one must be indicated as the preferred bank account.

How to add Banking Details on CSD

  • Log in to the CSD and go to the Bank tab.
  • Click the edit icon next to the relevant bank account if you would want to edit
  • Edit the bank details to correct the bank details
  • Click the “Re-submit Bank Details” button. P
  • Provided nothing needs to change on the CSD, the details as they are on the CSD will be sent to be re-verified against the updated details at the bank.
  • If adding a new account, click Add Bank Account
  • Enter Bank Details, once done click, Send OTP and a One Time Pin will be sent to the cellphone number of the preferred contact.
  • Enter the One Time Pin and click Save
  • A message will display Bank Account Added Successfully
  • The bank account number will now appear on the account list
  • Once done you can now move to the Tax tab

Suppliers can capture and update their information on the CSD at any time. . Suppliers will required to keep their data updated regularly and should confirm at least once year that their data is still current and updated. Automatic re-verification of relevant (daily; weekly; monthly; etc.) as required.


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