Spar Instant Money

Spar Instant Money

Spar Instant Money is a money transfer service offered by SPAR branches all over South Africa and is supported by Standard Bank.

How to Send Money With Spar Instant Money

Take the cash you want to send along with your South African ID book as well as a copy of your ID and R9,95 to your nearest SPAR and head for the Instant Money teller in-store. Give the teller all these items as well as the cell phone number of the person you want to send the money to. Type a secret PIN number of your choice into the handheld device. Instant Money will send an SMS with an 18-digit voucher number to the person you are sending money to. Take your receipt from the teller and phone the person you are sending money to and tell her the exact amount you are sending and give her the secret PIN number as this number is the Release Code for the money.

How to Withdraw Spar Instant Money

For Pay-Out, go to your local SPAR and look for the Instant Money available here sign. Inform the teller that you are there to collect your Instant Money Pay-Out and show the teller the voucher number on your cell phone that was sent to you, you cannot collect without this number. The teller will tell you the exact amount that is being paid out to you and ask you to type in the secret PIN number that the person who is sending you the money, gave to you. That’s all you need to do! Take your cash and your receipt and start spending!

Instant Money TM gives a 100% guarantee that you will get your money and it takes only 2min to send your money! This is a safe, cheap (costs only R9,95 to send) and easy way to send anything between R1 and R5000 a day or up to R25 000 a month.
There are no hidden costs, only R9,95.


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