TymeBank- How to get Proof of Payment

TymeBank- How to get Proof of Payment

You can now get stamped proof of banking sent straight to your email from the TymeBank app. A proof of payment is  transfer receipt which ideally contain the details of the transaction such as the payer, payee account, amount transferred and the reference number and the date of actioning.

How to get a Proof of Payment using the TymeBank app

  • Login to your TymeBank app.
  • Tap on pay.
  • Tap on “Pay someone”.
  • Enter the details of the person you are sending your money to.
  • Use email as payment notification.
  • Enter your email address.

The  proof of payment will be sent to your email address in PDF format. You can just take a picture of it and send it to the person you want to or you can forward it to their email address. If you need a stamped form or mandate from the bank, you can send an email to the team at service@tymebank.co.za with the form or visit a kiosk near you and speak with one of the TymeBank ambassadors who will be happy to assist you.


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