Unjani Clinic Price List 2023

Unjani Clinic Price List 2023

Updated Unjani Clinic Price List 2023. Unjani Clinic with branches across South Africa is network of clinics providing accessible, high-quality and affordable healthcare to South Africans. Check out the full range of quality, affordable healthcare available from Unjani Clinics across South Africa below, and visit your nearest Unjani Clinic to get the care you deserve today.

Payment can be done using cash, debit, credit card or SASSA card. The Unjani Clinic price list for this year, effective from April 2023, is as follows:

You can now use your medical aid when you visit Unjani Clinics for a consultation and treatment.

Can I do abortion at Unjani Clinics?

Unjani Clinics do not offer abortion / termination of pregnancy services.

Service Price
Consultation (incl. Meds) | Adults, Pensioners & Children R300
Consultation | Follow Up R100
Consultation (incl. Meds) | Additional Illness R100
Consultation (incl. Meds) | STI treatment R350
Antenatal | First Visit R700
Antenatal | Follow Up R450
Baby Wellness Check (excludes vaccination) R150
Basic Vision Screening R50
Blood Pressure Test R30
Cholesterol Test R50
Circumcision R850
Ear Syringe (per ear) R150
Family Planning | Injections R150
Family Planning | Oral Contraceptive R180
Glucose Test R50
HB Test R50
HIV Testing and Counselling R100
IUD Insertion R450
IUD or Implanon Removal R350
Malaria Test R100
Papsmear R300
PDP | Wellness Assessment | Pre-employment Assessment R250
Pregnancy Test R50
Sonar R300
Vitamin B Injection R50
Wound Care | First Visit From R250
Wound Care | Follow Up From R100
Wound Care | Sutures From R250


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