What to do when when a SASSA social grant has lapsed or suspended

What to do when when a SASSA social grant has lapsed or suspended

The change method of social grants payment and closing of some cash paypoints has resulted in some beneficiaries confused and surprised with the changes. SASSA and South African Post Office (SAPO) have advised beneficiaries to consider utilising the Post Office, ATMs or merchants to withdraw social grant payments.

Before a social grant can lapse or be suspended SASSA will notify beneficiaries to avail themselves for a review process for each and every social grant. In most cases beneficiaries don’t honor the review date which results into a lapsed and suspension of the social grant after a period of 90 days no show.

Factors which may result in the suspension or lapsing of a SASSA grant

1) Changes in circumstances it can either be financial or medical progress,
2) Outcome of a review on the status of the beneficiary,
3) Misrepresentation,
4) Failure to cooperate when a grant is reviewed,
5) Death of a beneficiary,
6) Admission to a state institution,
7) If the grant is not claimed for period of 3 months, this will affect those who are yet to change to the new SASSA card,
8) If you cease to be a refugee,
9) If the child for whom the grant is received turns 18 years old.

In the case in which the grant has lapsed or suspended, beneficiaries are advised to visit nearest SASSA local office to apply for the restoration of a social grant within 90 days to avoid suspension. In the case in which a social grant needs to be reviewed a notification of 03 months will be provided in advance of the date of the review. Beneficiaries are requested to comply with these advises to avoid social grants suspension.


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