Capricorn Cash Loans

Capricorn Cash Loans in Polokwane is a registered credit provider with NCR. Get cash in your pocket when you need it. All you need to apply: A regular monthly income Your last 3 months’ payslips or bank statements. A clear copy of your ID document. Details of your bank account into which your salary is […]

Kopano Kwik Cash

If you are at least 18 years old and are fully employed, you can apply for a loan with Kopano Kwik Cash. The amount you can apply for is determent by your income, expenses and credit record. KANIVEST 3205 CC Kapano Kwik Cash – Zeerust KANIVEST 3205 CC Kapano Kwik Cash – Lightenburg KANIVEST 3205 […]

Kwik Finance

Kwik Finance provides personal loans according to your financial needs, that are both affordable and appropriate. Kwik Finance interest rates are some of the most competitive in South Africa for personal Loans, Cash Loans, Payday Loans and Long term Loans

Booi Martin Cash Loans

Booi Martin Cash Loans is a registered credit provider in Port Elizabeth  that is committed to responsible cash loans and loans offering services complying with standards set by the South African National Credit Act. Their services are based on transparency and integrity, this has set them as the most popular and professional personal loans and cash […]

Louhen Financial Services 

Louhen Financial Services is a micro finance institution in Pretoria that caters for salaried individuals. You are able to get cash loans, personal loans, short term loans and payday loans. Contact Louhen Financial Services Address: Northmead Sentrum, 17 Burger St, Pretoria North, Pretoria, 0116 Phone: 012 565 5179

African Bank Payment Arrangements

Whether you need African Bank Payment Arrangements, your questions answered or simply need assistance, African Bank is  available to assist you over the phone, via email or at  branches countrywide. African Bank Payment Arrangements Contact Number Tel: 0861 111 011