iDriveSure – Motor Insurance from Econet

iDriveSure – Motor Insurance from Econet

iDriveSure is a bundled product incorporating Motor insurance, Vehicle and ZBC Licensing from Econet Wireless in Zimbabwe.All cars that are on the ZINARA Licensing database can be signed up for the service.

There are three main packages available; the third party insurance cover, Comprehensive Standard and the Comprehensive Plus. To get the third party insurance cover, it costs $35.60 per term (a term is a 4 month period). You also get “free” airtime worth $5 in the case of an emergency.

The Comprehensive Standard package costs 4.5% of the motor vehicle value, only if its book value is below $10 000 . On this package you get “free” roadside assistance as well as the “free” $5 airtime.

The Comprehensive Plus package is for those vehicles whose book value is above $10 000. This package comes with all the above mentioned benefits i.e. “free” roadside assistance and “free” $5 airtime for emergencies, plus vehicle tracking services. It also costs 4.5% of the motor vehicle value per term.

How to register for  iDriveSure

To register for iDriveSure, you’d need your national identity documents and the vehicle registration book. Registration as mentioned before is available at selected Econet Shops or Steward Bank Branch. Obviously, you can use EcoCash to pay, you can also use cash or swipe with any ZimSwitch card since Steward Bank POS machines accept ZimSwitch enabled cards.

Once registered, the minimum period of insurance cover or licensing one can get on iDriveSure is 4 months. I’m sure you also care to know how to make the claim in the event of an accident. Here is the list of documents you need to take to nearest Econet Shop or Steward Bank Branch in case of one:

  • Fully completed claim form (available instore or on
  • 3 quotations from panel beaters preferably those that are registered with Motor Traders Association.
  • Police report (where applicable).
  • Copy of driver’s license (front & back).

How to claim with


In the event of an accident, the holder of motor vehicle insurance cover must visit the nearest Econet Shop or Steward Bank branch and submit the following documents:

  • Drivers Licence Copy
  • Fully completed claim form (available in-store or on
  • Police Report
  • Three quotations from panel beaters preferably those that are registered with the Motor Traders Association



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