KND Finance Discount Loan Stores Gqeberha

KND Finance Discount Loan Stores Gqeberha

In the heart of Gqeberha, Port Elizabeth, KND Finance Discount Loan Stores stand as beacons of financial assistance, providing short-term loans of up to R8,000. Tailored for those facing cash emergencies, KND Finance understands the urgency of financial needs and has designed its loans to offer swift relief. Let’s delve into what makes KND Finance a reliable choice for the residents of Gqeberha.

Key Features of KND Finance Short-Term Loans

1. Emergency-Focused Loans:

KND Finance short-term loans are specifically crafted to address urgent financial requirements. Whether it’s unexpected medical expenses, home repairs, or any unforeseen situation, KND Finance is committed to being a lifeline during challenging times.

2. Simple Application Process:

Applying for cash loans with KND Finance is a straightforward process. The simplicity of the application ensures that clients can access the financial support they need without unnecessary complications.

3. Loan Amounts and Repayment Periods:

Clients can borrow amounts of up to R8,000, providing a flexible range to meet various financial needs. The repayment periods extend up to 4 months, offering a balanced approach that considers individual needs and affordability.

4. Safety First:

KND Finance prioritizes the safety of its clients and staff. To achieve this, all loans are paid onto debit cards, eliminating the need for holding cash on the premises. This measure enhances security and ensures a seamless and secure transaction process.

5. Welcome Gifts for New Clients:

As a gesture of appreciation, all new clients are welcomed with a cash gift of R150. Additionally, the first installment of any loan comes at zero cost, demonstrating KND Finance’s commitment to supporting its clients from the outset.

Convenient Locations in Gqeberha

KND Finance Discount Loan Stores have strategically located branches in key areas to better serve the community. Whether you are in North End, Glenvale, Coastal, New Brighton, or Kariega, you can access the financial support you need.

Branch Addresses:

  1. North End: 638 Govan Mbeki Avenue, Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, South Africa
  2. North End: 186 Govan Mbeki Avenue, Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, South Africa


In the realm of short-term loans, KND Finance Discount Loan Stores stand out as a reliable partner for the residents of Gqeberha, Port Elizabeth. With a commitment to swift and secure financial solutions, KND Finance aims to alleviate the burden of cash emergencies and provide a pathway to financial stability.


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