SASSA Gold Cards will not expire in December 2023, will continue to work beyond December 2023

SASSA Gold Cards will not expire in December 2023, will continue to work beyond December 2023

Postbank is pleased to announce the sustained functionality of SASSA Gold Cards, guaranteeing uninterrupted social grant payments throughout December 2023 and beyond. This strategic decision reaffirms our commitment to providing millions of SASSA beneficiaries with a seamless and reliable means of accessing their funds.

Key Developments:

  1. Non-Expiring SASSA Gold Cards: In a pivotal move, Postbank has extended the validity of SASSA Gold Cards, eliminating the December 2023 expiry date. This measure aims to provide reassurance and stability for all SASSA beneficiaries.
  2. Cost-Effective Continuity: The extension of SASSA Gold Cards’ validity ensures a smooth transition for beneficiaries, sparing them the inconvenience and financial implications associated with transitioning to alternative payment methods.
  3. Payments on Expired Cards: Beneficiaries utilizing expired SASSA Gold Cards can remain confident, as grant disbursements will continue in December 2023 and subsequent months.
  4. Exclusive Mandate: It is imperative for beneficiaries to disregard any misinformation suggesting a need to transition to alternative card products. Postbank is the sole institution authorized to replace SASSA Gold Cards.
  5. Post-December 2023 Assurance: SASSA Gold Cards will maintain full functionality beyond December 2023, ensuring continued access to social grant funds.
  6. Efficient Withdrawals: SASSA Gold Cardholders can conveniently withdraw grants from an extensive network of ATMs nationwide, including prominent retailers such as Boxer, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Usave, Spar, and Shoprite. This diversity of channels alleviates the necessity for beneficiaries to endure lengthy queues at Post Offices or cash pay points.
  7. Consumer Rights Protection: Beneficiaries are advised to report any instances where retailers attempt to coerce them into making purchases before receiving their SASSA grants. Every beneficiary has the right to their full grant payment and autonomy in its utilization.
  8. Transaction Benefits: SASSA Gold Cards offer a range of transaction benefits, encompassing free withdrawals within retail establishments, complimentary 3-month statements, and balance inquiries. Beneficiaries benefit from receiving their grant funds in full while minimizing transaction costs.

Postbank remains steadfast in its pivotal role, ensuring the secure and convenient disbursement of social grants to millions of beneficiaries.

For further information, please visit or contact Postbank Customer Care at 0800 535 455.


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