SASSA “Insufficient Funds” Meaning

SASSA “Insufficient Funds” Meaning

If you have been approved for a SASSA grant and are about to withdraw at retail shops like Pick n Pay, Boxer, uSave and Boxer and you are told insufficient funds, if could be any of the following reasons.

  • SASSA  have not credited your virtual account at the time of withdrawal, which if that is the case you have to wait for a few days and try aain.
  • SASSA may not have much funds to the Post Bank (Post Office) for SRD R350 Grant payments.
  • Expired Card: If your card has passed its expiration date, it won’t work. You’ll need to get a new card
  • Card Blocked: Sometimes, cards can be temporarily blocked for security reasons. Contact SASSA for assistance
  • ATM Issues: The ATM you’re using might have technical problems. Try another ATM
  • Account Restrictions: SASSA cards may have daily withdrawal limits. Check if you’ve reached your limit.
  • Card Damaged: If your card is damaged or worn out, it might not work. Request a replacement.
  • If your SASSA card continues to be declined, it’s essential to contact SASSA or visit a local branch for assistance to resolve the issue.

Affected applicants will have to try another day, let’s say after three days before trying to withdraw again.


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