Understanding the FNB Health Cash Plan

Understanding the FNB Health Cash Plan

InSafeguarding your health and financial well-being is paramount. FNB, a trusted name in the financial industry, recognizes this need and offers the FNB Health Cash Plan – an affordable solution designed to protect your income during hospitalization and provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Key Features of the FNB Health Cash Plan

1. Up to R150,000 Critical Illness Cover

One of the standout features of the FNB Health Cash Plan is the provision of up to R150,000 in critical illness cover. This coverage extends support to you and your spouse in the event of a diagnosis of any of the following critical conditions:

– Cancer

– Heart Attack

– Severe Burns

– Kidney Failure

– Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

– Stroke

– Organ Transplant

– Coma

In such situations, the plan pays up to 50 times your daily cash benefit, offering much-needed financial relief during challenging times.

2. Personal Healthcare Advisor Benefit

Access to qualified healthcare professionals is just a phone call away with the FNB Health Cash Plan. Whether you require emergency medical advice or are seeking information from a pre-recorded library, you can reach out to a personal healthcare provider by dialing 0809 229 226 or using the USSD code: 1303272*2. This valuable resource ensures you receive expert guidance and support when you need it most.

3. Earn up to 15% of Premiums Back in eBucks

FNB goes the extra mile to reward its customers. By choosing the FNB Health Cash Plan, you have the opportunity to earn up to 15% of your plan premiums back in eBucks. Additionally, you can collect up to 500 eBucks reward points each month, provided you meet the qualifying criteria. The percentage you earn is calculated based on your monthly premiums, account type, and eBucks reward level. This unique feature provides an incentive for you to prioritize your health and financial security.

4. Important Note: Not a Medical Scheme

It’s essential to clarify that the FNB Health Cash Plan is not a medical scheme and should not be considered a substitute for full medical scheme membership. While it offers valuable benefits and coverage, it serves a specific purpose in complementing your healthcare and financial protection needs.

Additional Information and Considerations

Premium Payments

To facilitate premium payments for your FNB Health Cash Plan, you can use your FNB or RMB Private Bank Account. This ensures a hassle-free and seamless payment process.

Waiting Periods and Exclusions

As with any insurance plan, certain waiting periods and exclusions apply to the FNB Health Cash Plan. It’s crucial to be aware of these stipulations to make informed decisions:

For the Daily Cash Benefit:

  • A 3-month waiting period applies for all conditions or illnesses due to natural causes.
  • A 12-month waiting period applies for specific pre-existing conditions and maternity-related claims.
  • To make a claim, you must be admitted for a minimum of 48 hours to a qualifying hospital. There is a stay limit of 30 days per hospitalization event and an annual limit of 180 days.
  • The plan will not pay out if illness, injury, or dependence syndrome results from the use of alcohol or drugs.

For the Critical Illness Benefit:

  • A 6-month waiting period applies.
  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered.
  • Once you pass the 14-day survival period, you can make repeated claims until 100% of the benefit is used, or until you reach the age of 65, at which point the coverage will expire.

How to Make a Claim

In the event that you need to make a claim under your FNB Health Cash Plan, it’s essential to follow the specific claims process outlined by FNB. The details of this process will be provided to you upon enrollment in the plan. It’s advisable to keep all necessary documentation and information readily available to expedite the claims process.

Final Thoughts

The FNB Health Cash Plan is a valuable addition to your financial security and well-being. It offers a range of benefits, including critical illness cover, access to healthcare professionals, and the opportunity to earn rewards through eBucks. While it is not a replacement for full medical scheme membership, it complements your existing healthcare coverage.

By understanding the plan’s features, waiting periods, and exclusions, you can make informed decisions about your healthcare and financial protection. Whether you’re safeguarding your income during hospitalization or seeking peace of mind for unforeseen health challenges, the FNB Health Cash Plan provides an affordable and accessible solution.

Prioritize your health and financial well-being with the FNB Health Cash Plan – a smart choice for individuals and families looking for reliable coverage and support in times of need. Remember, your health and peace of mind are worth investing in, and FNB is here to help you do just that.


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