Where to Withdraw Capitec Cash Send

Where to Withdraw Capitec Cash Send

Capitec’s Cash Send feature offers a convenient way to send and receive money from your cellphone, whether it’s through the Capitec Banking App or via SMS. This method allows you to create a unique reference number and a four-digit PIN, providing a secure way to transfer funds. You can use Cash Send not only for your own transactions but also to send money to others by sharing the reference and PIN with them.

Once the money is sent, recipients can conveniently collect it at various locations nationwide, ensuring easy access to their funds. Here are the locations where you can withdraw Capitec Cash Send:

1. Capitec ATMs: Capitec Bank has a wide network of ATMs, making it easy for you to withdraw your Cash Send funds. These ATMs are easily accessible across South Africa.

2. Shoprite Stores: Shoprite stores are a common choice for cash withdrawals. Their extensive presence across the country ensures that you can conveniently access your funds.

3. Checkers Stores: Much like Shoprite, Checkers stores are another accessible option for collecting your Cash Send funds.

4. Usave Stores: Usave stores provide additional locations where you can collect your cash, making it convenient for recipients.

5. Game Stores: Game stores are known for their retail presence, and they also serve as collection points for your Cash Send transactions.

6. Makro Stores: If you have a Makro store nearby, you can easily withdraw your funds from there, adding to the convenience of the Cash Send service.

7. Pick n Pay Stores: Pick n Pay is a popular supermarket chain, and their stores are equipped to handle Cash Send withdrawals.

8. Builders Stores: Builders stores provide another option for collecting your Cash Send funds, ensuring accessibility for recipients.

Important Note: When using Cash Send, there are transaction limits to be aware of. You can send a maximum of R1,000 per transaction per day via SMS and R3,000 per transaction per day when using the Capitec Banking App. While this makes it a straightforward method for withdrawing smaller amounts of cash you’ve sent to yourself or others, it’s essential to be aware of these limits if you intend to make larger withdrawals.


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