How to apply for Free Basic Electricity

How to apply for Free Basic Electricity

Free Basic Electricity (FBE) is a government initiative that offers a small amount of free electricity per month to low-income households with qualifying meters. Free basic electricity of 50kWh per household per month for a grid-energy system (connected through the national electrification programme) is provided. This amount of electricity will be enough to provide basic lighting, basic water heating using a kettle, basic ironing and a small black and white TV and radio.

This amount of electricity is considered sufficient to run basic lighting, run a small black and white TV and radio, do basic ironing and boil water using an electric kettle. For households connected to the official non-grid systems, 50-watt peak (Wp) will be provided per non-grid connected supply system.

FBE users who have pre-paid meters will be able to see when their free electricity is depleted, and will then have to buy additional electricity at their own expense. Users with credit meters will not be able to easily monitor their usage and will be charged for additional usage at the end of every month.

For users with prepaid meters, you can buy additional units at a FLASH Shop and will be charged at respective municipality tariffs.

How to get Free Basic Electricity (FBE)

FBE is available on the 1st of every month and will be valid for that month only, meaning units will expire before the start of the new month. To claim your FBE, dial *130*269# on your mobile phone.

To learn if you are eligible for FBE, contact your local Municipality or Utility provider.


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