How to check Capitec Live Better Balance

How to check Capitec Live Better Balance

Live Better with Capitec and you can enjoy a second payday every month. Check your Live Better balance on the Capitec App.

All you need to do is join Live Better on the Capitec banking app – to date, over 6.6 million clients have already done so.

How to ‘Bank Better’ with Capitec

All you need to do is join Live Better rewards programme for free on the Capitec app, then do the following every month:

  1. Have one credit product (this includes an access facility, term loan or credit card), a funeral plan or a fixed-term savings plan with a balance of R10,000 or more;
  2. Link three recurring payments or debit orders to your Capitec account; and
  3. Make five payments on the app including transfers, scan to pay, or buying prepaid airtime, electricity or data.

Once you’ve reached these goals every month, you can earn cash back on every rand you spend with your card.

This money, together with the cash back you’ll earn every time you spend with one of Capitec’s rewards partners, which include Dis-Chem, Baby City, Shell and more, is all paid into your Live Better savings account on Live Better Day, the 10th of every month.

The money earns higher interest in your Live Better savings account than in your savings account and you can transfer it to your main account whenever you want.

Once you’ve joined Live Better you can:

  1. Spend Better to get cash back and discounts every time you spend at our rewards partners: Dis-Chem, Baby City, Shell, Educate24 and GetSmarter amongst others.
  2. Bank Better and earn cash back on your monthly spend for everyday banking! Simply perform 5 transactions on the app, link 3 recurring monthly payments to your account and have one credit, funeral, or fixed-term savings product with Capitec
  3. Save Better with automatic savings tools such as Round-up, which grows your savings every time you spend, and Interest Sweep with a supercharged interest rate that can be switched on the app from anywhere, anytime

All Capitec clients can maximize their rewards with Live Better and start turning Live Better Day, on the 10th of every month, into another pay day.


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