How To Track Your Vodacom Order

How To Track Your Vodacom Order

Placing and monitoring online orders, especially for Vodacom customers, has become exceptionally seamless with advancing technology. Here, we provide comprehensive guidance on tracking your Vodacom order online and offer pertinent details to enhance your understanding of the entire process.

Courier Partner for Vodacom Orders

Understanding the courier company engaged by Vodacom is crucial for effective order tracking. Vodacom relies on RAM Hand-to-Hand Couriers for their delivery services. Utilizing RAM Vodacom tracking ensures you stay informed about the status of your collection and delivery, facilitating better planning of your availability.

How to Check Your Vodacom Order

For a smooth order tracking experience, follow these steps:

  1. Check Application Status:
    • Visit the Vodacom website and navigate to ‘my contracts’ or ‘my applications’ to view your contract application status.
  2. Track with Reference or Waybill Number:
    • Once confirmed, track your Vodacom order using the reference number from the email confirmation or the provided waybill number.
    • Log in to the Vodacom website, select ‘track my Vodacom order’ under ‘orders,’ and enter the relevant reference or waybill number.
    • Access your Vodacom order history under the ‘track my order’ option.

Delivery Timeframe for Vodacom Orders

Upon receiving the Vodacom order confirmation, anticipate your new cellphone’s arrival within three to four working days. The delivery duration is contingent on various factors, with deliveries initiated once payment is received. Stay informed with Vodacom upgrade tracking to monitor your order in real time.

Contact Details for Vodacom Assistance

For assistance or inquiries regarding Vodacom online orders, contact them directly:

  • Phone Number: Dial 082 135 for Vodacom online orders and other customer service queries. This number is toll-free when calling from a Vodacom SIM card.
  • Email: Send an email to for prompt assistance.


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