Matric Certificate Replacement in South Africa

Matric Certificate Replacement in South Africa

Matric certificate replacement services offer a lifeline to all South Africans who may have lost or damaged their original documents. Recognized as the highest educational qualification upon completing secondary school, the Matric certificate is paramount for both job seekers and those pursuing further education. If you find yourself in a situation where your Matric certificate is compromised, the replacement process in South Africa is outlined below.

Matric Certificate Replacement Procedure in South Africa

  1. Importance of Matric Certificate:
    • The Matric certificate holds significant value in academic and job markets, acting as proof of senior school graduation.
  2. Reasons for Replacement:
    • Severe document damage
    • Loss of the document
    • Administrative errors
    • Change of status
    • Alteration of sex status and description

Replacing a Damaged or Lost Matric Certificate

Online Application Process:

  1. Register on the Reissue Portal:
    • Utilize the e-Matric reissue online service.
    • Register as a user on the reissue portal.
  2. Submit Supporting Documents:
    • Affidavit explaining the circumstances.
    • Original certificate if damaged.
    • Certified copy of your identity document.
    • Proof of payment (R164 reissue fee).
  3. Processing Time:
    • Allow four to six weeks for the certificate to be issued.

Change of Status/Combination of Credits

  1. Application Process:
    • Similar to the replacement process.
    • Provide results from all examination sittings.
    • Certified copy of your identity document.
    • Proof of payment (R164 reissue fee).
  2. Points to Note:
    • Reissue fee is payable via bank deposit or EFT.
    • Four to six weeks processing time.
    • Upon application, receive a reference number for tracking.

Change of Particulars

  1. Correction of Administrative Errors:
    • Apply to the Department of Basic Education (DBE) or Provincial Education Department (PED).
  2. Application Requirements:
    • Certified copies of old and new identity documents.
    • Detailed sworn statement or affidavit.
    • Original certificate.
    • Letter from the Department of Home Affairs confirming the alteration.
    • Completed application form.
  3. Steps for Effecting Change:
    • Pay the prescribed fee at the post office.
    • Visit DBE/PED offices with necessary documents.
    • If unable to visit, download the reissue form, fill it out, and post it.
  4. Processing Time:
    • Four to six weeks for changes to be effected.

FAQs on Matric Certificate Replacement:

  • Can I Download My Matric Certificate Online?
    • No, collection is done at the DBE Certification Helpdesk in Pretoria.
  • Cost of Replacement:
    • R164 for administrative errors, R57 for a statement of results.
  • Expedited Process:
    • Apply for a statement of results if urgent, available immediately.

The Matric certificate replacement process is user-friendly, allowing for online applications and providing clear steps for those seeking a replacement. Whether for academic pursuits or career advancement, a well-documented process ensures a smooth transition for individuals in need of a new Matric certificate.


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