DStv Price Increase for 2024

DStv Price Increase for 2024

MultiChoice has officially declared its annual DStv price adjustments, set to come into effect on April 1, 2024. These adjustments will impact prices across DStv’s satellite pay-TV portfolio, with increases ranging from 3.1% to 7.8%. It’s worth noting that DStv’s streaming-only packages will remain unaffected.

Key Points:

  • Inflation Consideration: Aligned with South Africa’s average inflation for 2023, reported at 6%, DStv’s adjustments reflect current economic factors.
  • DStv Access Upgrade: Despite the most substantial price increase affecting DStv Access, MultiChoice South Africa CEO Marc Jury shared exciting news. The entry-level package is slated for a significant upgrade in its sports offerings, including the renewal of La Liga and ongoing negotiations for a long-term extension.
  • Enhanced Sports Offerings: DStv Access’s sports lineup will now boast ESPN, La Liga, SuperSport Variety 4, and SuperSport Blitz.
  • Compact Plus Enhancement: DStv Compact Plus subscribers will experience a notable increase of 6.9%. In addition to the price adjustment, these subscribers will enjoy a revamped set of channels, featuring the best of Showmax’s original content.
  • Focus on Price-Guaranteed Contracts: MultiChoice is prioritizing its price-guaranteed contract packages. Customers committing to a 24-month contract will benefit from MultiChoice’s price guarantee, ensuring no price increases throughout the contract duration.
  • Upgrading Contracts: Subscribers have the flexibility to upgrade their contracts at any point during the two-year period. However, downgrades are not permitted without cancellation and associated fees.

MultiChoice Price Guarantee Offers (24-Month Contracts):

  • DStv Premium: R929
  • DStv Compact: R399
  • DStv Access: R109

DStv Price Increases for 2024:

DStv PremiumR929R8795.7%
Compact PlusR619R5796.9%

Add-ons Price Increases:

Access FeeR120R1154.3%
ADD MoviesR79R790%
Box OfficeR40R400%

The DStv price adjustments aim to strike a balance between economic considerations and enhanced content offerings, providing subscribers with an improved viewing experience. Customers seeking stability can opt for the 24-month price-guaranteed contracts, ensuring predictable costs over the contract period.


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