SABC TV licence pensioners discount

SABC TV licence pensioners discount

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) provides discounted TV license fees to specific qualifying individuals, particularly extending this benefit to pensioners in specific circumstances. The objective is to enhance the affordability of access to TV content for eligible citizens.

Eligibility Criteria for Concessionary TV License

Not all pensioners automatically qualify for a discounted TV license. To be eligible, individuals must meet one of the following criteria

  1. Social Grant Recipients
    • Pensioners receiving government-issued social grants qualify for a concessionary license, regardless of their age.
  2. Age
    • Individuals aged 70 years and above are eligible for the discounted rate, even without receiving social grants.
  3. Disability
    • Individuals with declared disabilities qualify for a concessionary license, irrespective of age and income.

Important Conditions to Note

  • Partner’s Existing License
    • If a partner in the same household holds a valid TV license, eligibility for a separate concessionary license may be affected.
  • Shared Residence
    • If residing with another family possessing a fully paid TV license, eligibility for the discount may be impacted.
  • Single-Residence Discount
    • The discounted rate is applicable only to the primary residence where the TV is used. Additional sets in locations like holiday homes necessitate a separate license at the standard rate.

Cost and Payment Information

  • Standard TV License Fee: R265 per year
  • Concessionary TV License Fee: R74 per year (considerably lower than the standard fee)
  • Payment Options
    • Unlike the standard license allowing monthly installments, concessionary license holders must pay the full R74 fee annually.

Applying for a Concessionary License

  1. Complete the application form provided by SABC.
  2. Pay the annual fee of R74.
  3. Submit the following documents:
    • Valid proof of identity (South African National ID or Passport)
    • Proof of address (documents confirming physical and postal address)
    • Contact information (valid phone number and email address if available)
    • Additional proof based on qualification:
      • Social grant recipients: Official letter from the Department of Social Development verifying the social grant and its start date.
      • Individuals aged 70 or older: Duly completed and certified affidavit confirming living situation.

Contact Information

Checking License Status

  1. Visit the official SABC TV license website.
  2. Log in using your ID number or TV license account number.
  3. Click “Submit” to access license information, including payment status and any outstanding balance.


Understanding the eligibility criteria and application process for a concessionary TV license ensures compliance with regulations while benefiting from the available discount. If uncertain about eligibility or requiring further assistance, direct contact with SABC is recommended.


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