Absa Introduces ChatWallet – Send and receive money easily on WhatsApp

Absa Introduces ChatWallet – Send and receive money easily on WhatsApp

Absa, a leading bank in South Africa, has introduced ChatWallet – a swift and convenient method for smartphone transactions. Seamlessly integrated into WhatsApp, ChatWallet operates within a chat interface, enabling users to conduct banking transactions and engage with friends simultaneously.

Key Features

  1. Receive Money: Directly into your ChatWallet.
  2. Make Payments: Using a cellphone number or bank account details.
  3. Buy Electricity: 24/7 availability for electricity purchases.
  4. Airtime and Data: Easily buy airtime and data through ChatWallet.
  5. Withdrawals: Withdraw the required amount while keeping the remainder secure in your ChatWallet.

Additional Benefits

  • No Monthly Fees: ChatWallet users enjoy fee-free banking.
  • Free ATM Cash Deposits: Access free ATM deposits.
  • No Charges for Prepaid: No fees for prepaid electricity, airtime, and data purchases.
  • One Free CashSend per Month: Users receive one free CashSend transaction monthly.

Sign-Up Process

Getting started requires a valid South African ID number and WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. Save the Absa ChatWallet number to your contacts, initiate a conversation with a simple “Hi,” and follow Abby – the ChatWallet virtual assistant’s prompts. Once set up, ChatWallet functions like any regular WhatsApp chat, secured by a digital PIN or biometric security for each transaction.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 18 years or older.
  • Valid South African ID number.
  • RICA-registered cellphone number linked to WhatsApp.

Access for All

Building on the success of Absa’s ChatBanking launched on Facebook and WhatsApp in 2018, ChatWallet further simplifies transactions and broadens access to banking services. As part of Absa’s commitment to inclusive banking, ChatWallet empowers users to manage money securely, bridging the gap to financial inclusion.


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