How to obtain or renew BEE Certificate

How to obtain or renew BEE Certificate

A Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) certificate serves as a validation of a company’s adherence to the BEE initiative in South Africa, which strives to foster a more equitable distribution of wealth by facilitating the involvement of historically disadvantaged individuals in the economic landscape.

Information Encompassed in a BEE Certificate:

  • Company Details:
    • Company Name
    • Address
    • Registration Details
  • Categorization:
    • Category of the Company
    • Sector Code
  • BEE Scorecard Information:
    • Scores and Points for BEE Scorecard Elements
  • Date of Issuance

Advantages of Possessing a BEE Certificate:

  1. Enhanced Competitiveness:
    • Achieving Level 1 status bolsters a company’s competitive position and visibility.
  2. Facilitated Supplier Identification:
    • Businesses can readily identify BEE-compliant suppliers, streamlining procurement processes.
  3. Efficient Government Transactions:
    • Certified companies experience smoother transactions with government entities.
  4. Procurement Benefits:
    • Procuring from BEE-compliant suppliers allows companies to claim procurement expenditure, contributing to their BEE score.

Process for Obtaining a BEE Certificate:

For Companies with Turnover Below R10 Million:

  • No Formal Certificate Required:
    • A BEE Affidavit, signed by a Commissioner of Oaths, is sufficient.
  • Alternatively, Obtain a CIPC Certificate:
    • Generate a customer code on the CIPC website.
    • Pay the R30 fee into CIPC’s bank account.
    • Request the certificate using your customer code and password on the CIPC website.

For Companies with Turnover Exceeding R10 Million:

  • Engage a Verification Agency:
    • Choose a SANAS or IRBA accredited agency for a comprehensive BEE compliance assessment.
    • A list of accredited agencies is available on the SANAS website.
  • Renewal:
    • SANAS certificates are valid for one year, necessitating annual renewal for reassessment.

Crucial Considerations:

  • Company Classification:
    • Understand your company’s classification based on annual turnover (start-up, EME, QSE, or Large Enterprise) to determine the appropriate BEE certificate type.
  • Verification Agency Selection:
    • Opt for a SANAS-accredited agency to ensure accurate and reliable BEE compliance assessment.
  • Renewal Process:
    • Renew the BEE certificate annually to maintain compliance and potentially enhance your BEE rating.


Securing a BEE certificate is imperative for businesses in South Africa, particularly those aiming for government contracts or seeking to bolster their market competitiveness. With a clear understanding of available certificate types and the application process, companies can navigate BEE regulations effectively, contributing to a more inclusive and economically empowered society.


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