NSFAS Application Status Funding Eligible Without Admission

NSFAS Application Status Funding Eligible Without Admission

Applying for NSFAS funding is a significant step toward achieving your academic goals. Once you’ve submitted your application, checking your NSFAS status is crucial. This guide aims to demystify the meaning behind the status ‘Funding Eligible Without Admission’ and provide insights into the NSFAS funding process.

What is NSFAS?

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a bursary program funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training. It assists financially needy students with funding for various expenses, including living allowances, transport, and learning materials.

NSFAS Application Process

NSFAS applications are submitted through the official website. After applying, monitoring your application status is essential to track the progress of your funding approval.

Public Universities and TVET Colleges

NSFAS bursaries are approved only for students enrolled in public universities or Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges, as these institutions fall under the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Funding Eligible Status

If your NSFAS status shows ‘Funding Eligible,’ it indicates that you are eligible for NSFAS funding. However, the tuition fees are not paid directly to you but to the university or TVET College. If your status is ‘Funding Eligible,’ it means you are eligible for funding, but the institution has not yet approved your admission.

This situation commonly occurs at the beginning of the application season, especially if you have not received your matriculation results. Even though you are eligible, the university or college cannot formally accept your application until all required documents are submitted.

What to Do If Your Status is Funding Eligible

If your status is ‘Funding Eligible,’ focus on your exams and academic performance, as you don’t need to worry about NSFAS funding. Once you receive an admission offer from the institution, NSFAS will approve your study funding. Some applicants may be required to submit supporting documentation and a certified copy of their ID to expedite the financial assistance process.

Funding Eligible Without Admission

If your NSFAS status reads ‘Funding Eligible Without Admission,’ it means that your funding application has been approved, but NSFAS is awaiting confirmation from the university or college you applied to. The next status change will be to ‘Funding With Admission Offer,’ indicating that you have been funded and received admission confirmation.

Final Steps

The process may take time due to potential communication issues between NSFAS and the institution. Once your status changes to ‘Funding With Admission Offer,’ NSFAS will proceed to pay the tuition fees directly to the university or TVET College.

Contacting NSFAS

If your NSFAS status does not change or if you have concerns, you can contact NSFAS for clarification and assistance.

Understanding your NSFAS status is crucial for a smooth and stress-free academic journey. Stay informed and focused on your studies, knowing that financial assistance is in progress. Best of luck on your educational endeavors!


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