Oppenheimer Leads Financial Support as Rise Mzansi Secures R16.7 Million

Oppenheimer Leads Financial Support as Rise Mzansi Secures R16.7 Million

Rise Mzansi, the newly formed political party, proudly announced a significant financial boost, having amassed over R16.7 million in funding since its establishment last year. The major contributor to this funding influx is Rebecca Oppenheimer, who injected R15 million into the party, showcasing substantial financial support.

Rebecca Oppenheimer’s involvement in Rise Mzansi follows her prior financial backing of the Democratic Alliance (DA) and ActionSA, underscoring her commitment to various political causes.

Of the total funding received by Rise Mzansi, Main Street made a generous contribution of R1 million, while InJozi Design and Kairo Communications provided donation in-kind, contributing R160,000 and R559,000, respectively.

Songezo Zibi, the leader of Rise Mzansi, had earlier declared the party’s intention to disclose its donors publicly before the upcoming elections. Over the weekend, the party confirmed that it had garnered a substantial R16.7 million from four donors since its inception in April last year. Notably, the party emphasized its discerning approach to accepting donations, stating that they do not entertain contributions suspected to be the proceeds of crime or from donors seeking undue influence over their policies and decision-making processes.

Makashule Gana, the Chief Organizer of Rise Mzansi, reiterated the party’s commitment to building a safe, prosperous, equal, and united country. He highlighted that donors support the party based on its vision for a better nation and affirmed the party’s refusal to compromise its principles.

Rise Mzansi recognizes the financial demands of an election campaign and relies on individual donors for support. Unlike established parties represented in parliament, Rise Mzansi does not benefit from funding provided by the Electoral Commission of South Africa, making individual contributions crucial for their operations. The party’s stance on transparent funding practices aligns with its commitment to integrity and principled politics.


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