Shoprite Unveil Innovative Family Meal for R20

Shoprite Unveil Innovative Family Meal for R20

Amidst the escalating cost-of-living crisis, Shoprite has joined forces with a local small-scale supplier to unveil an affordable meal designed to feed a family of four for just R20.

Unveiled as part of Shoprite’s exclusive Homegrown private label range, the newly launched Pasta & Me one-pot meal boasts a generous 350g serving of noodles, soya chunks, flavorful spices, and dehydrated vegetables. Priced at R19.99, this budget-friendly culinary creation offers an economical and delectable solution, enabling families to enjoy a satisfying meal for less than R5 per person.

The brainchild of Aziza Parker, a mother of two and the founder of Pasta & Me, the venture is a 100% female-owned business. Parker’s inspiration for the noodle packs stemmed from witnessing the struggles of mothers in Philippi, where her family operated a supermarket. “I wanted to create a product that could help feed families for very little money. The collaboration with Shoprite is not only aiding those facing challenges putting food on the table but has also opened doors for my business,” Parker shared.

Pasta & Me’s noodle packs are available in three tempting flavors: Steak and Chops, Jalapeno & Cheese, and Roast Chicken & Veg. These exclusive offerings can be found solely at selected Shoprite supermarkets.

Recognized as the country’s low-price leader, Shoprite continues to champion the cause of consumers by tackling price increases and assisting financially strained South Africans in making their money go further.

While the purchasing power of the R5 coin may be overlooked by many, Shoprite supermarkets remain committed to providing essential items at this price point. Customers can still purchase a 600g loaf of bread, a pack of sanitary pads, and various deli meals – all for only R5. Remarkably, the price of subsidized bread has remained unchanged since its introduction in April 2016.

Acknowledging the immediate need for cash savings, Shoprite’s Xtra Savings rewards program has proven to be a valuable asset. With nearly 28 million South Africans saving a collective R13.5 billion – an average of R1 billion per month – on their grocery bills during the last financial year, Shoprite continues to make strides in delivering exceptional value to its customers.


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