Price of Passport in South Africa

Price of Passport in South Africa

In South Africa, obtaining a passport involves navigating a structured fee system designed to accommodate various needs and traveler categories. Understanding the breakdown of these costs ensures a smooth application process and prepares individuals for the financial aspects of acquiring or renewing their travel documents.

Adult Passport – R600.00:

For adults embarking on international journeys, the standard adult passport comes at a cost of R600.00. This fee covers the processing, production, and issuance of the passport, ensuring that adults have the necessary documentation for international travel.

Child Passport – R600.00:

Children, too, have their dedicated passport category, and the fee mirrors that of adults at R600.00. This ensures that minors accompanying their families or traveling independently have the essential travel documentation tailored to their age group.

Replacement of New Format Passport – R600.00:

In instances where the current South African tourist passport, in the new format, runs out of blank visa pages before its expiry date, a replacement is available at a cost of R600.00. This service ensures uninterrupted travel for individuals with a passport nearing completion.

Document for Traveling Purposes (BI-105) – R600.00:

For those requiring a specific document for traveling purposes, such as the BI-105, the cost is set at R600.00. This document may serve various purposes and is designed to meet specific travel requirements beyond the standard passport.

Maxi Tourist Passport (48 Pages) – R1200.00:

For frequent travelers or those who anticipate the need for additional visa pages, the Maxi Tourist Passport with 48 pages is available at a cost of R1200.00. This option provides more space for visa stamps, catering to individuals with a high frequency of international travel.

Understanding these fees not only aids individuals in budgeting for their travel document needs but also ensures transparency in the passport application process. Whether it’s a standard adult or child passport, a replacement, a specific travel document, or the extended Maxi Tourist Passport, the structured fee system accommodates diverse travel requirements for South African citizens.


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