Price of PDP in South Africa

Price of PDP in South Africa

Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) involves specific fees that applicants need to be aware of to facilitate a smooth application process. Here are the relevant details regarding the fees associated with obtaining a PrDP:

Application Fee: R96.00

The first step in acquiring a PrDP is the application process, which incurs a fee of R96.00. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with reviewing and processing the application.

Issue Fee: R204.00

Once the application has been approved, the issuance of the PrDP incurs a separate fee of R204.00. This fee contributes to the production and issuance of the permit, ensuring that applicants receive the necessary documentation for professional driving.

Total Cost: R300.00

Combining the application and issue fees, the total cost for obtaining a PrDP in South Africa amounts to R300.00. It’s essential for applicants to consider this total cost when planning for the acquisition of their Professional Driving Permit.

Additional Considerations:

  • Validity Period: The PrDP is typically issued with a specific validity period, and drivers need to be mindful of the expiration date to ensure continued compliance with regulations.
  • Renewal Fees: Renewing an expiring PrDP will involve the payment of applicable fees. It’s advisable for drivers to initiate the renewal process well before the expiration date to avoid any disruptions in their professional driving activities.

Understanding the breakdown of the fees associated with a PrDP application ensures transparency in the process. Drivers seeking to obtain or renew their Professional Driving Permits should factor in these costs to facilitate a seamless and compliant experience.


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