Select Swaziland Loans

Select Swaziland Loans

Select Swaziland Loans are designed for  permanently employed Swazi nationals employed in the Public Sector and private sector companies with which they  have a salary deduction facility agreement.

Select loan products range from a minimum loan of  E500 to a maximum of E100,000.No credit checks in addition to the checking of the 33.3% compliance rule are conducted for civil servants.  ITC checks are done for Shesha loan applications and for existing clients whose loans have been on arrears.

Requirements for Select Swaziland Loans 

  • Must be a Sipatji (Swaziland Building Society), Standard Bank or First National Bank (FNB) account holder.
  • Applicants must have contractual capacity, minimum age 21 years.
  • Applicants much be Swazi nationals or permanent residents of Swaziland.
  • For Government and private sector employees
  • Must have been in employment with the same employer, for at least 6 months with government or 12 months for private sector
  • Submit  3  month’s pay slips
  • Submit bank book or bank statement reflecting the last three months’ salaries
  • If you are a temporary or contract worker, need to provide letter of confirmation of employment.
  • Swaziland national identity document


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