How to get a Tax Number in South Africa

How to get a Tax Number in South Africa

How to get a tax number with SARS in South Africa. According to the law all employees must be registered with SARS and must have 10-digit tax reference number from SARS.
Take the following documents to your nearest SARS branch to register as a tax payer:

  • A certified legible copy of your ID, passport or drivers license. Certification of copied documents can be done at your nearest police station (just remember to take the original along too).
  • Proof of address (this can be a rates bill, utilities bill, phone bill, bank statement etc – anything that shows your name and your address on an official letterhead)
  • 3 months banks statements, original and stamped by the bank.

The document must clearly show the taxpayers name (either initials and surname or first names(s) and surname) and the physical address.

How long does it take to get a Tax Number ?

Take all of the above documents to a friendly SARS employee working at the counter. They will register you on the SARS system and should provide you with your new tax number immediately!

You may receive your tax number by post some time after your in-branch registration in the form of an IT150 / Notification of registration (see below). If you would like to call SARS (0800 00 7277) to find out what the current status of your registration is, remember to have your ID number with you for the call.


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