How to join Botle Buhle

How to join Botle Buhle

Botle Buhle is a Multi Level Marketing company which offer exclusive, high-quality products such as kitchenware, cookware, dinnerware and drinkware at affordable prices. They also provide exciting opportunities by joining their community of consultants and earning extra income. Find out how you can become part of the Botle Buhle family.

How Botle Buhle Works

How to Join Botle Buhle

There five levels in the business

  • Consultant level –  R2000 sales you are paid on 27 %
  • Prospective manager level
  • Manager level
  • Prospective Distributor level
    • You can become a Sales Consultant by:
      • Completing the Webform
      • Sending Botle Buhle an SMS
      • Calling the call centre
    • As part of the joining process you will be allocated to a Manager in your area.
    • Your respective Manager will interview you, train and mentor you, and provide you with your stock.

Botle Buhle Catalogue

Botle Buhle are available Online or  from respective Manager or consultant.

Botle Buhle Success Stories

“Botle Buhle Brands has changed my life. They have given me the opportunity to build a business and have supported me every step of the way. They have provided the Botle Buhle Brands Recipe (Business Model) but I had to take OWNERSHIP of my own success.”

What has been your experience of Botle Buhle ? Has it changed your life and income ? Have you bought Botle Buhle products before aand whats been your experience with service and quality of the products ? Would you like to join Botle Buhle ? for more information leave your comment below or contact us 


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