How to Join Norland

How to Join Norland

Founded in 2008, Norland Industrial group is a large scale multinational industrial group which is involved in the health industry, medical cosmetology industry, direct selling industry and e-commerce industry. It is involved in many other areas including health management, medical services, international logistics and finance. The company adheres to the vision of “Build global ecosystem of health and detoxification and make everyone benefit from health wisdom” and has taken a lead in health detoxification field.

What products are sold with Norland ?

Norland is mainly involved in healthy and beauty consumer goods with health detoxification as the core product. This includes Zhimingde Detox Pro Pack, Detox Pro health food, Health way, Chaolikang and Fudi’an, Meibao Nutrition Health Food, Anti-aging Series, Platinum Luxury Anti-aging Skin Care Products, Nouripad Personal Care Products, “UingKing International Medical Cosmetology” project and service, REBORN anti-aging and health check project and service, detoxification check and susceptible genes project and service, “Benyuan Shenghuohui” store franchise system as well as “North Huigo Mall” Internet+ e-commerce platform.

How to Join Norland in South Africa

Step 1 – Attend a Presentation

Attend a Business Presentation (Office or as arranged with member). Click HERE to have a member arrange with you. Get full understand of the products and the compensation plan.

Step 2 -Choose Products

Based on presentation, decide which products you wish to have, as you will get health products to the value of your registration amount. Click HERE for full products list.

Step 3 – Choose Entry Level

Based on your training (from Presentation), choose which ENTRY LEVEL. Is it Senior member (R3,000), Bronze (R6,000), Silver (R12,000), Gold (R24,000) or Diamond (R48,000).

Step 4

Make Payment

Using the Norland banking details, make the required payment for your chosen entry level. Use your first and Last name as Reference. Click HERE for Norland Bank details.

Step 5

Register Online

Let your UPLINE (the person who introduced you to Norland) assist you with filling offline/online registration form. You need to get the relevant QC Codes after registration.

Step 6- Start Recruiting

Conclude your registration, get your chosen products and start recruiting others, which means to market the Norland Products and get paid from the different bonuses. Get assistance from Team Leader.



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