How to set Chrittv on a DSTV Decorder

How to  set Chrittv on a DSTV Decorder

Chrittv is a sattelite TV Channel which broadcast religious programs by Prophet Makandiwa of UFI ministries in Zimbabwe.

How to watch Chrittv on DSTV:

1. On DSTV, Press menu & advanced options
2. Dish Password 9949, Go to network 2,
3. Frequency 12722 symbol rate 26657
4. FEC 5/6, Polarity Horizontal, Use NIT YES,
5. Accept all, Scan all networks ,
6. Press TV then scroll down to Public 1S7 and press ok.
7. To return to subscribed channels press tv to go to DSTV

Please Note ALL free-to-air channels cannot be viewed on PVR decorders


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