How to stop Clientele Debit Order

How to stop Clientele Debit Order

Debit orders have revolutionized recurring payments, providing convenience for both businesses and customers. However, situations may arise when you need to cancel a DebiCheck debit order. Whether you’re shifting banks, changing your payment method, or simply discontinuing the service, it’s essential to understand the correct process for cancellation. If you currently have a DebiCheck debit order with Clientele and wish to cancel it, we’ve prepared a detailed guide to assist you through the process.

Understanding DebiCheck Debit Orders

Before we dive into the steps of canceling a DebiCheck debit order, let’s first clarify what a DebiCheck debit order entails. DebiCheck is a type of electronic debit order system, widely utilized in South Africa, known for its enhanced security features. This system necessitates additional authorization steps from the account holder, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.

Steps to Cancel a DebiCheck Debit Order with Clientele

To cancel a DebiCheck debit order with Clientele, follow these steps:

1. Contact the Debiting Company: Initiating the cancellation process requires you to communicate with the debiting company, in this case, Clientele. This can be accomplished through direct phone communication or by visiting Clientele in person.

  • Phone Contact: Start by dialing Clientele’s customer service at 011 320 3000. This direct line will connect you with their support team, who will guide you through the cancellation process, possibly requesting specific account and debit order details.
  • Visit a Branch: Opt for a face-to-face approach by visiting your nearest Clientele branch. The knowledgeable branch staff will assist you in halting the DebiCheck debit order. This is an excellent choice if you have documents to provide or prefer discussing matters in person.

2. Utilize Alternative Contact Methods: Clientele offers additional contact options that might be more convenient for you.

  • WhatsApp: Reach out to Clientele through WhatsApp at 067 342 7248. Initiate contact by sending them a message, and be sure to provide all the requisite information to begin the cancellation process.
  • Email: Alternatively, you can send an email to In your email, include your account information, debit order details, and contact information to ensure a smooth process. Remember to maintain a copy of the email for your records.

3. Gather Required Information: Before reaching out to Clientele, make sure you have the following information readily available:

  • Your account details with Clientele.
  • Specific details regarding the DebiCheck debit order you intend to cancel, including any reference numbers.
  • Your contact information, including phone number and email, for follow-up purposes.

4. Verification and Documentation: Be prepared to provide the necessary verification of your identity and any documentation that Clientele may request. This is vital to guarantee the secure and precise cancellation of your DebiCheck debit order.

5. Adherence to Instructions: Always adhere to the precise instructions provided by Clientele to ensure the effective cancellation of your DebiCheck debit order. This might encompass signing forms, granting written authorization, or complying with particular timelines.

Canceling a DebiCheck debit order with Clientele can be a straightforward process if you adhere to the correct steps and provide the essential information. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to maintain direct communication with the debiting company, Clientele, utilizing their provided contact details. By following these steps, you can ensure a seamless cancellation process while retaining control over your financial transactions.


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