NSSA Pension Payment Date for December 2023

NSSA Pension Payment Date for December 2023

The National Social Security Authority (NSSA) in Zimbabwe operates as a statutory corporate body, established under the NSSA Act of 1989 (Chapter 17: 04). This authority is mandated by the Government to provide social security services across the nation.

NSSA’s Core Mandate:

NSSA’s primary responsibility is to implement public policy measures aimed at safeguarding individuals in various life situations. These protective measures encompass circumstances that may threaten livelihoods and well-being, such as sickness, workplace injuries, unemployment, invalidity, old age, retirement, and death.

Schemes Administered by NSSA:

NSSA is currently administering two main schemes:

  1. Pension and Other Benefits Scheme:
    • Designed to provide financial support to individuals during their retirement years.
    • Comprises provisions for other benefits to address specific life situations.
  2. Accident Prevention and Workers’ Compensation Scheme:
    • Geared towards preventing workplace accidents and compensating workers in case of injuries.
    • Focused on ensuring the well-being of employees in their work environments.

Expansion Plans for Comprehensive Social Security:

NSSA is actively engaged in expanding its social security offerings to provide a more comprehensive safety net for the Zimbabwean society. Plans are underway to introduce additional schemes that address a broader spectrum of social security needs.

NSSA December Pension Payment Date December 13, 2023:

  • On December 13, 2023, pensioners under NSSA in Zimbabwe can expect to receive their pension payments for the month.
  • It is noteworthy that part of the pension money is in US dollars, reflecting the dynamic nature of the economic landscape.


NSSA’s commitment to social security in Zimbabwe is underscored by its efforts to adapt and expand its schemes. By administering pensions and other benefits, as well as focusing on accident prevention and workers’ compensation, NSSA plays a pivotal role in providing financial stability and security to individuals across various life stages.

As NSSA works towards a more comprehensive social security framework, its initiatives contribute significantly to the well-being of the Zimbabwean society, reflecting the authority’s dedication to protecting the livelihoods and welfare of the nation’s citizens.


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