How to Join Esylife

How to Join Esylife

Esylife  is a network marketing companythat  distributes products that are made from Ganoderma. The main product is health range , Xiangzhiling from China, a liquid mashroom

What is Xiangzhiling ?

Xhiangzhiling is one of a range health from China products made from GARNODERMA Liquid Mushroom that restores and heals organs to origins state. It delays process of aging. The MIRACLE bottle fight illnesses associated diabetes, high blood pressure, and helps with blood circulation as well as restore a healthy sexual life in marriages. It is also popular amongst cancer patients in attacking the harmful cancer cells. It’s also effective in treating gynecological problems such as menstrual cramps, menopause disturbances, irregular menstruation and difficulty in falling pregnant. It also heals ulcers and proves appetite and helps with hangovers. It’s also effective in treatment of difficult and mysterious diseases which cannot be treated adequately with medicine and cannot be diagnosed. This miraculous herb promotes the flow of blood with boosted antioxidant power to various organs of the body.

How to Join Esylife

How Esylife Works

You join Esylife a company from China that is now based in JHB for R200 and be a member.


Buy a box of 16 xiangzhiling for R1100 and sell each 50ml bottle for R150 and it sells like hot cakes you get R2400 so your profit is R1300 then the company gives you back R288 for each box you buy so your profit is now R1588…… so if you dnt have R1100 get a friend you both pay R600 and buy 1 box with 16 bottles and divide it by 8/8 then sell you make R1200 /R1200 pluss that cash back of R288 now you can start buying your box alone and make money ….. if you enjoy talking to people telling them about the business if one joins under you get R60 if now they buy a box you get R96 for each box they buy so if they buy 5 boxes you get 5 of R96 so i choose not to spend my money selling but spend my time recruiting cos when 30 of my downlines buy a box i get 30 of R96 without spending a cent ……stream number 1 of getting money

Income Stream number 2 Register & Buy A Box At Discount Prices 

You now add R3200 to be in a value added up money stream. With this stream you are not forced to join it but its where money lies ….you now will have 3 legs which all will give you money in a way that you have never seen before.
You join for R3200 and your 3 legs join for R3200 too after being members ot for R3200 if its their first entry. From leg 1 and 2 you get 10% of whatever they made, so if this week they made from members joining fee which is the lowest so if 2joins which is a common thing you get 10% from them From level 1 to 5 of their downlines. If level two did not work then your level 3 becomes your level 2 and you get 10% from them too meaning now you will get up to level 6 if level 4 did not work (impossible) now your level 3 will be the next one and get 10% from them.

PVP level
-Join or upgrade to this level and get a product as well as PVP our network status that will make you earn R450 every day when someone joins in this stage too but only if they join in this stage or upgrade to this stage.Your 3rd leg is your magic leg where you can earn R450 every 3 days because your 3rd leg will open himself/herself with 3 legs too . So when this person pays R3200 to upgrade to value added you get paid R450 and when he opens his 2 legs you get R450 for each person = R900 then all their downline will give you R450 till you die and you receive this with no limit ..meaning you receive till 10 million and more people down. You kids generation will be provided if you add them at a later stage. All your family is allowed to enter this business and you are the one who will lpace them strategically.

VIP Level 

When you are a VIP you earn big amounts too. A Mercedes benz and a mension in the city of your choice in SOUTH AFRICA which you will get in a period of 12 months should you work hard.

Get 2 free boxes if you join but the most important part is that the benefits are unlimited:

You earn from each of your downlines 

You get VIP benefits (& Promotions)

R50 000 every time your team gets to 63 VIPS and this 50 000 is repeated 63 times to you

You qualify for a brand new Mercedes benz at a particular stage

 You qualify for  R 3 million rands at a certain stage

 You qualify for a Mansion of your choice anywhere in SA at a particular stage

 You get R500 000 per month at a certain stage when you are now a 5% shareholder in Esylife 


Esylife Business

Are you an Esylife Distributor ? Which one is your best selling product ? Have you used any of the Esylife Products ? Share with us on the comments below, How has Esylife improves your life and health, Would you be interested in joining Ezylife ? Contact Us


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