How to Join Greenworld

How to Join Greenworld

Green World  offers you an opportunity for health and wealth through networking marketing.Since its inception in 1994, this company has become reputable global manufacturer and distributor of natural Herbal Products.

How Green World Works

The first step to start your Green World business is always to register as a member. Once the registration form has been filled in and completed, you actually have signed a contract with yourself.

To be able to succeed in Green World business you need burning desire to make money, enthusiasm to roll up your sleeves into the business, an action plan to help you achieve your goal, and above all, taking actions on a daily basis.

Through our point system, members accumulate points which allow them to qualify for discounts, allows them to earn a passive monthly income and receive additional benefits.

The System has two Goals

Allow you to start with a small amount and earn quickly.
Through personal sales and self-consumption become a higher level, better skilled consultant.
First you join our 3×3 here at our team website using the link your team leader sent to you. When you join you will pay a one-time R120 for your position in our 3×3 matrix. You will always follow your sponsor and your referrals will always follow you. That means the same 12 people under you will always make you earn again and again.

Become A Level 3-Star Consultant As Soon As Possible.
There are more benefits made available to you as your ‘Consultancy Level’ progresses from a 1-Star Consultant to a 3-Star Consultant to a 6-Star Consultant etc.

We encourage all our members to not only register and get our Business Start-Up Kit, but to register as a 3-Star Business Consultant. As a Level 3-Star Business Consultant you automatically qualify for more benefits, and are a step away from being a 4-Star Business Consultant.

There are 2 ways to land you there:
1st way:
Choose some products for yourself, your family members for a try. You must be 100% confident of what you are going to sell, so being the first testimony of the product is key to your future confidence.
2nd way:
Sell the products without trying them on yourself or your family members. This is a highly risky method, which we never recommend unless you are in professions of health, nutrition, medicine and know what you are talking about.
Go straight from 1-Star Consultant to 3-Star Consultant

You may also shoot right to 3-Star if you fully understand what you are talking about. You must possess all the knowledge of health and products of your Green World Business to be able to provide wise consultancy to your customers.

Things a 3-Star Consultant must do 
Step 1
Once you have accumulated 250 BV (points) by recommending Green World Products to your customers or through self consumption, this qualifies you on the 3-Star Consultant Level. Being on a 3-Star Level really launches your Green World Business, but Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is all about many people doing the same thing. Now you need a team.

How to build a team for yourself? 
Step 2
Through recruiting and sponsoring. Recruiting and sponsoring mean that you recommend the Green World Business Opportunity to people you know and invite them into your business by signing up as your down-line. The more recruiting you do, the more sales your down-line and entire business will generate, and the more indirect bonuses you get. So sponsoring is another source of income you get as a Green World Distributor.

“The higher your Star Level is, the more indirect bonus you earn every month”
Step 3
Making sales is one of the most important sources of your income as a Green World distributor. After you become a 3-Star Consultant, you get 20% out of your personal sale. That is to say, the more personal sale you make, the more bonus you make. Your monthly sale is the constant income as a distributor.
MLM is about multiplication andi duplication of your time, efforts and income. Without your frontline (direct down-line) knowing how to do the business, none of the above can be duplicated in your organisation. Teaching your frontline is the key to empowering your down-line and the rest of your growing organisation.

How Much Do You Earn with Green World ?

How much do you earn if you promote yourself to a 4-Star Consultant in a month?
The faster you achieve a 4-Star Level, the faster and greater amount of income you make.

As a 4-Star Consultant, you will receive:
41% as your outstanding bonus based on the first 80 BV (points) your direct down-line makes.
Out of the 170 BV (difference of 250 BV minus 80 BV), you will make 25% as your direct bonus.
Of course we haven’t included the retail profits of 20%, which is already in your pocket.
“From time to time, Green World will have special incentives for those who achieve a 4-Star Consultant Level in a month.”

The special incentive could be a DVD Player or anything with equal value. You will approximately make a total of $285 (United States Dollar) of income in a month if you are fast enough.

You were told that you can make big money in MLM

Now here is a way that you can make big money in MLM. So far, you haven’t got any clue of big money yet. Your big money comes from the Power of Duplication. If you have a huge team and each member makes a moderate quantity of purchasing every month, you get certain percent of their purchasing as your indirect bonus.

“Once the base of your business is big enough, your cheque gets fatter!”

You may wonder how to build a team that is big enough to generate huge sales. The secret lays in the power of duplication. If you yourself are considered as level 0, according to our 3×3 compensation plan, down to the 7th level, you will have approximately 1,000 people in your team.

Now let’s take a look at how your money is duplicated!

Suppose you have 1,000 down-lines in your team and each one of them is ambitious and competent enough to make 50 BV (points) of sale per month.

You will achieve 50,000 BV (points) as a base of your indirect bonus in a month.

If you get 5% as your indirect bonus you will make an average of $2,500 (United States Dollar) as your indirect bonus only. That’s $2,500 as a passive income, and all you did was sponsor people into your Green World Business.

What if you have a team of serious distributors?

If you and your team are more ambitious and each one of them make 100 BV (points), then your months indirect bonus can be doubled to $5,000 (United States Dollar).

Now the business starts making sense to you. Remember, the more down-lines you have the more money you make; the more monthly sale each team member makes the fatter cheque you get.

Are you ready to fasten your safety belt and begin your journey toward financial freedom with Green World?

Start earning residual income with Green World!

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