How to Join IFA

How to Join IFA

IFA is the network marketing division of Clientèle Life, a registered and trusted Financial Services provider in South Africa. IFA stands for Independent Financial Advisor.
Through this unique network marketing business opportunity you, as an IFA, have the opportunity to take care of your family’s future with a Clientèle product while earning an additional income, and helping others to do the same.

You, the IFA, have the opportunity to be rewarded with regular earnings and bonuses by simply inviting people who can afford to pay their insurance premiums and Business Fee to an IFA Presentation, where an IFA Presenter will explain the IFA Business Opportunity and introduce them to the insurance products offered by Clientèle. You will start to earn if the people you invite also decide to become IFAs and apply for a valuable Clientèle insurance policy, which they pay for every month.
IFA is one of South Africa’s premier network marketing companies, and has already helped thousands of people across the country change their lives. In the last 15 years IFA has paid over 1.5 billion in earnings to active IFAs, restoring the dignity of countless households and allowing ordinary people to realise their dreams.

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to own your own business, then the IFA Business Opportunity is for you.

Requirements to Join IFA

To become an IFA you need to:

  • be 18 years old
  • have a valid ID Number or have a passport with a work permit (if you are a foriegner)
  • have a debitable bank account in South Africa

 3 Simple steps to becoming an IFA:

Step 1 – Believe in the Opportunity

Attend an IFA Presentation at an IFA venue near you

Step 2 – Believe in yourself
Decide that this is the business opportunity for you and purchase an IFA Starter Manual which includes an IFA and Product application form.
Step 3 – Buyers are Believers
Choose an IFA product that suits your needs and one you can afford and complete the application form.
How Much Can You Earn with IFA?
As an Independent Field Advertiser you determine how much you earn, depending on the amount of work you put in. IFAs earn in the following ways: through IFA earnings, Clubs and New Bonuses.:
  • IFA Earnings. Earnings are paid on a monthly basis. You become an IFA Earner when you introduce five qualifying Key Appointments who all pay premiums in the same commission period. You will receive earnings from each person in your network that pays their premiums.  Earnings are calculated on different levels and the percentage that you earn differs for every level that you reach (up to 6 levels). In order to become an IFA Earner your own IFA business fee must be paid.
  • IFA Clubs. With IFA you can enjoy IFA Club earnings throughout the year, based on the number of IFAs in your network (level 1 – 6) who pay their premiums and business fees. Clubs are paid in addition to earnings – these are rewards that IFAs receive for each milestone they achieve when building their businesses. Clubs are earned from Club 30 to Platinum Club 20 000.
  • New Bonuses. New bonuses are earned should you meet the stipulated requirements.  The following bonuses are currently in place:
    • You Can
    • Club 10 ( changing to Step-up 10 as from 20 April 2011)
    • Builders Bonus 5
    • Introducer Bonus 30
    • Introducer Bonus 60

Making money with IFA offers many opportunities where you can make money at your own pace. Are you an IFA member ? Whats been your experiences ever since you joined IFA ? Share with us on the comments below. Would you like to Join IFA ? Contact us


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